Myths vs Truths

PEO Myth #1: My clients (employers) will lose their ability to manage cash flow.

Truth: Our exclusive PEO program allows your clients to process net checks from their own bank account.

Why this matters: While many PEOs cut paychecks then FedEx them to the client, we offer a unique solution that allows clients to improve cashflow by giving them the ability to cut paychecks from their own bank account.

PEO Myth #2: PEO's are only useful during a "hard" workers comp markets.

Truth: PEO's are extremely competitive in soft and hard workers comp markets.

At INTEGRITY RISK, we help businesses reduce their overall cost of labor. With the right PEO solution through Integrity, you'll gain access to the following:

  • Superior Workers Comp carriers with extremely competitive pricing
  • In-house claims management expertise with a vested interest in mitigating costs & closing claims
  • A high-degree of partnering between the client, PEO, and broker in the areas of claims, safety & HR compliance
  • Overall labor cost control as an immediate and long-term objective
  • Direct HR Support with a dedicated HR Consultant
  • Payroll administration & HR technology with a platform that is the most robust in the industry
  • A PEO market that has a proven track record and long-term carrier partnerships
  • Flexible programs that will consider multi-year agreements and safety incentives for low losses 

PEO Myth #3: PEO's have no flexibility.

Truth: One of our exclusive PEO's partners worked extensively with a client who had complex prevailing wage law concerns over hourly rate changes for employees. 

Real-life example: Our client is in the construction industry and employees deliver materials to prevailing wage job sites. In this situation, the driver has to be paid the prevailing wage which became very complicated due to consistent and significant overtime hours. Our PEO partner was also able to help this employer with compliance while streamlining the time & attendance and payroll reporting process. This has saved the employer significant administrative time on a weekly basis.

Why this matters to you: If you've felt that PEO's could not work alongside your clients to create custom and cost-saving solutions, then we should talk.  There may be situations where we could provide you with solutions that greatly assist your clients in terms of efficiency, compliance and overall labor cost structure.

PEO Myth #4: PEOs are nothing more than a workers comp solution.

The TRUTH about some PEOs: The right PEOs understand the ever-changing HR guidelines and variables in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to an extremely competitive workers comp program — clients gain access to expert level guidance in the critical area of HR compliance. 

Why this matters to you: The COVID-19 pandemic has created new and unforeseen challenges for your clients. Our premier PEO partners will help your clients through these challenging times with professional and personalized service. Being able to offer these PEO programs to your clients not only helps with your business — but it may also save your clients from unnecessary exposures. 

PEO Myth #5: PEOs take control of your clients

“If my client starts working directly with a PEO, I will lose control of the claims management and the renewal process."

The TRUTH about some PEOs: The premier PEOs in our network build cooperative relationships with you and the clients. It's a team effort! We understand your role with clients and have a strong desire to see you, our broker partner, succeed.

When it comes to claims management, we set up claim reviews with you and the PEO as needed. You are also involved in annual renewals as they are critical in all of us retaining business.  

The right PEOs will empower you with more solutions and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Why this matters to you: Integrity Risk respects the relationship you have with your clients and we've seen how an inclusive and cooperative PEO program benefits all parties (broker, client, and PEO). We factor your desired level of client engagement into the equation when suggesting the best PEOs for your clients.